The "I" Team
We have worked together through some
of the most extreme weather conditions in
northern New England.
We have taken on some of the largest
jobs and worked well into the night,
sometimes night after night. We have
slept in the woods, tent and truck. We
have done whatever it takes to complete
the job. We have taken a miserable job
and turned it into a memorable
experience. We are all friends who have
built friendships with the people we have
worked with. We are the "I" TEAM.  
Bill is an engineer/
technician that spends
most of his time on the
mountains of New
England constructing
the "backbone" of the
systems. Along with Al
and Ned these three are
the first ones to see the
sun come up in the
morning and the last
ones to see it go down
at night.
Ned is a technician/installer
who also volunteers to go to
the mountain when no one
else will. The photo of Ned on
the roof at Mount Washington
working to replace an antenna
in a 75 MPH wind speaks for
itself. He is the one with a
hammer chipping ryme ice off
of the antenna mounts at 20
below zero. Then, when he is
finished with the job, he skis
down Tuckerman’s.  
Mark is the “I” team
foreman who
coordinates the “I”
team for special
projects. He is also
responsible for
coordinating mobile
installations with the
Ed is a
technician/installer who
along with mark is
responsible for quality
Al is a technician who
specializes in system
construction at the
tower sites and base
station/ remote control
design and installation.
Will, Kevin, James, Wayne, Scott, Bill, Al & Ed

Wayne, Kevin, Ralph, Scott. James and Will are mobile radio installers. These six installers can
accomplish large projects working as a team and are the most important part of the job.